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Daddy K7 is a collective of artists who brings our good old Audio Tapes back to life.

About us

In 2012 when the world threatens to collapse, Henry Debay, finds one of his old music tapes.        As soon as he took it in his hand, a feeling of joy immediately invaded him. Surprised by the power of this experience, he decides to show it to a friend, then to another friend, etc., ...
On that moment he is sure that Audio Tapes are a source of joy and must be protected by all means!

From meeting to a proposal, "Daddy K7" takes shape and gradually becomes an artist collective motivated by the same mission:
"Protect the Audio Tapes from destruction! Some go so far as to say it good be the solution to save the world.

Project history

Our Crew

james bande
Serge Botty aka B-Side
Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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"We Mix Your Tapes" is a DJ set, a scenography and a 100% cassette animation for your events. An invitation to party in a unique world. Each member of the public is invited to take an active part in this event by the recording of dedication, by the dance and especially to become a protector of the audio cassette or rather a "Daddy K7"

We Mix Your Tapes - Daddy K7
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Daddy K7 is a project of the asbl Pocopoc.

Partenaires: CCBW, Le Car, La Roseraie, La Poudrière, Iles asbl, Le Bamp,...

Avec le soutien de Latitude 50 - Pôle des arts du cirque et de la rue

Une Partie des Décor réalisépar l’Atelier (devenirs.be - la/tude50.be)



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